This Might “Creep You Out” – A Good Gone Bad

          This Might “Creep You Out” – A Good Gone Bad

Some people just have good intention and something turns terribly wrong. This is the case of a lady on California that wanted to do a good but got her neighborhood to consider it “creepy”.

A woman had issues when she anonymously left porcelain dolls with fuzzy slippers and frilly gowns on the doorstep of her friends from church. The dolls were said to eerily resemble the daughters that were at the homes that she left them to be discovered.


The woman didn’t plan to scare anyone and was quoted to say she was embarrassed to have so  much made commotion over it. The police researched the drop-off and found the woman.

The police that investigated said, “She felt like some of the girls would enjoy the dolls,”

The woman had daughters of her own that were too old to play with them she she tried to match the children with the hair color and eye color of the doll.

No charges were filed.