John “Liver-Eating” Johnson  (born circa 1824 and died 1900)

Rumors, legends, and campfire tales abound about Johnson. Perhaps chief among them is this one: In 1847, his wife, a member of the Flathead American Indian tribe, was killed by a young Crow brave and his fellow hunters, which prompted Johnson to embark on a vendetta against the tribe. The legend says that he would cut out and eat the liver of each man killed. This was an insult to Crow because the Crow believed the liver to be vital if one was to go on to the afterlife. In any case, he eventually became known as “Liver-Eating Johnson”. The story of how he got his name was written down by a diarist at the time.
One tale ascribed to Johnson ,while other sources ascribe it to Boone Helm, was of being ambushed by a group of Blackfoot warriors in the dead of winter on a foray to sell whiskey to his Flathead kin, a trip that would have been over five hundred miles. The Blackfoot planned to sell him to the Crow, his mortal enemies, for a handsome price. He was stripped to the waist, tied with leather thongs and put in a teepee with only one, very inexperienced guard. Johnson managed to break through the straps, then knocked out his young guard with a kick, took his knife and scalped him, then quickly cut off one of his legs. He made his escape into the woods, surviving by eating the Blackfoot’s leg.


Political Websites


politics-101-logoBack in late March, I challenged myself to read political writings from different points of view on a daily basis. I did that for a few reasons such as being informed on the policies of this country and the stories and backgrounds of the candidates.

Each day, except Sunday, I would attempt to choose 5-8 different websites to read. I did keep that up and will do so until Election Day. After that my reading will be a bit more sporadic. I thought I would share those sites with you for your reading or for saving for a later time.

It was interesting, to say the least. If you know any other you would like for me to add to this list, let me know.

Here they are:

Harvard Political Review Washington Post LA Times
NY Times Washington Times The American Conservative
The American Prospect The American Spectator The Atlantic
Boston Review Dissent Magazine The Economist
Foreign Policy Politico Chronicles
Yale Daily News Columbia Daily Mother Jones
The Nation National Review The New American
The New Republic Roll Call U.S.News and World Report
The Weekly Standard Huffington Post Legislative Gazette
The Hill Right Wing Watch Political Wire
WND The Skeptical Optimist The Blaze
The Salon Daily Caller Breitbart
Drudge Report Wonkette Daily Kos
Liberal Oasis The New Yorker World Policy Institute
 Daily Beast  American Thinker
 From Other Countries
 The Telegraph  BBC  Countries List
 Pravda  Irish Times  The Baltic Times
 Cyprus News  Budapest Business Journal

  1. Bristol Evening Post (Bristol)
  2. Cambridge Evening News (Cambridge)
  3. Coventry Evening Telegraph (Coventry)
  4. Daily Record (Glasgow)
  5. The Daily Telegraph (London)
  6. Derbyshire Evening Telegraph (Derby)
  7. Evening Argus (Brighton)
  8. Evening Standard (London)
  9. Evening Telegraph
  10. Evening Times (Glasgow)
  11. Express & Star (Wolverhampton)
  12. Financial Times (London)
  13. Financial Times (U.S. mirror site) (London)
  14. Grimsby Evening Telegraph (Birmingham)
  15. Guardian, The (London)
  16. The Herald (Glasgow)
  17. Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield)
  18. Hull Daily Mail (Hull)
  19. icBirmingham (Grimsby)
  20. icNewcastle (Newcastle)
  21. Independent, The (London)
  22. Jersey Evening Post, The (Channel Islands)
  23. The Journal (Newcastle)
  24. London Evening Standard (London)
  25. The Mirror (London)
  26. The News (Portsmouth)
  27. Norfolk Now (Norfolk)
  28. Northampton Chronicle & Echo (Northampton)
  29. The Nottingham Evening Post (Nottingham)
  30. Observer, The (London)
  31. Oldham Evening Chronicle, The
  32. Sentinel Online, The
  33. South Wales Argus (Newport)
  34. South Wales Evening Post
  35. South West News
  36. The Sun (London)
  37. Sunday Mall (Glasgow)
  38. Sunderland Echo (Sunderland)
  39. Telegraph, The (London)
  40. This is Local London (London)
  41. The Times and Sunday Times (London)
  42. The Sunday Times (London)
  43. West Sussex Observer (Chichester)
  44. Western Mail, The (Cardiff)
  45. Yorkshire Evening Post (Leeds)