Is Retirement Biblical?

In broad terms, retirement is withdrawing from your work and seeking the ability to live life to the fullest without obligation, worry or commitment. Retirement allows for the mentality to do what you want when you feel like doing it. It is a reward for hard work.

There are those that will tell you that retirement is not biblical? That is not so. The only mention of retirement found in the Bible is stated in Numbers 8:23-26 where God tells Moses that the Levites (who are the priests that are in charge of serving God but doing lots of work around the Tabernacle) would be allowed to begin work at age 25 and then work until mandatory retirement at age 50.

However, these priests were not expected to bag their bags and go the nearest beach in Tel Aviv but were “expected” to begin assisting the younger men in their work. It was a new work now. It was the mentoring of younger men by providing wisdom from their 25 years of experience in serving the Lord.

Now if you go to a Bible Commentary, you are likely to find that the elders are under no obligation to do any work that requires labor but are to become counselors which in turn allows the younger men to assume more responsibilities.

The Bible is full of men that work long into their life such as John the Apostle was still writing while he was in his 90’s. Moses was 80 when he asked for freedom of the Israelites slaves. He worked until he dies at age 120 years old.

Retirement should mean you are no longer doing the work of old but now have increased time and opportunity to do God’s work. This is God’s design. Everyone has the opportunity to use the time given to them after their working retirement. What is important now is we must decide how to use and redeem the time that God has given us. We must take every chance we have to serve the Lord.

One particular job of labor is to be pursued as long as possible and as productive for as long as we can. However, God calls us to labor in his vineyard until he calls us home. Be faithful, glorify God, serve the common good and do all you can to further his kingdom.





Thanks for jumping aboard as I begin a series on Retirement and Grandparenting. I have no schedule to give you (hey, I am retired) so if you find something interesting, you may have to check back. Also, as I write some things feel free to give your opinion on topics discussed. If you want to be a guest blogger that would be just wonderful. Contact me.

Boredom is not a problem. This is not a problem for me. I can truthfully say I have only had a few “restless” days since my retirement in 2010. I am not bored. I find ways to fill my time. Finding the time to get it all done is a more common issue for me. I have to keep it in mind that I can’t get it all done in one day, even in retirement.

How can retired people fill their time? There is a potpourri of reasons such as what I do and that is writing. If that isn’t for you then try biking, gardening, traveling, volunteering, hiking, reading or just lunch with friends.

Retirees must accept the difference between wants and needs very quickly after retirement. Embrace a simpler lifestyle so that you can get rid of stress and more time to enjoy your freedom for earlier constraints.Downsizing your living quarters and will cut your cost of living which in turn relieves stress and tension from your life. The interesting thing is that as we get older, our desires have decreased so our disposable income has increased.

Retirement brings on big adjustments for married couples and they are both home and holding dear to their time and space. Maybe you have heard a woman state that her husband at home just drives her crazy. With couples, “me” time is necessary. Maybe get away on your own or out with friends for a few hours will help that situation.

Let’s talk some grandparenting next time!