Title IX- Gender Equity is Not Making Sense


Yes, we all know that the impetus of Title IX is that there needs to be the same number of sports for the men and women. That is fine and dandy but that is a poor business model.


If a college wants to have sport, then it should be self-sufficient or they shouldn’t have it. Forget the gender equity part of this.


The following represents spending and revenue as obtained by the Equity in Athletics for NCAA division I schools from 2003-2009. On average across all 135 universities only basketball and football make profit, and almost cover the loss in revenue from all other sports.

While greater than 80% of the schools have a team for baseball, basketball, track, football, golf, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball, the other sports are much more rare. Regardless, averages posted were taken only on teams that existed.

Investigating female vs male sports, there is a large discrepancy in spending and earnings, though much of this might be due to the large impact that college football has.

If you can’t pay for it on it own, then discontinue the sport. Doesn’t matter if it is mens or womens. Just cut it.