Is the Second Amendment the Greatest of All Amendments?


The title may be a bit misleading as the real premise here is the fact that the 2nd Amendment has trampled the 1st Amendment. Where and how you ask? In Utah.

I am not writing this to debate the merits of Anita Sarkeesian, who is a feminist that is challenging the stereotypes of women in video games. But that caught my attention was the fact she was going to give a speech at Utah State University until the police got an email telling them that if she gave her speech they would commit the largest mass murder ever seen.

When administrators told Sarkeesian that Utah law explicitly forbade them from having the campus police stop people with guns from attending her talk, Sarkeesian had little choice but to cancel.

Isn’t it a incomprehensibly idiotic Utah gun law that keeps police from barring gun-toters from attending events where a gun massacre has been threatened. As the state of Utah’s Department of Public Safety website makes clear, people (other than law enforcement) can’t carry firearms in courthouses, prisons, airports and “churches if posted.” But that completes the list of places where guns can’t be brought. Anyplace else, anyone can carry a firearm openly so long as a bullet is not in the firing chamber or, in a semi-automatic firearm, if the magazine is at least “one mechanical action” away from firing. Utah law expressly forbids public schools or universities from enforcing any rule pertaining to firearms.

She had no choice but to cancel her speaking engagement. This law now allows for people to “bully” their agenda but threatening harm with firearms until the other side submits. This is dumb.

The elevation of the Second Amendment into a super-right has now diminished others—including those that the founders quite deliberately put first.