Rutgers Looking for Big Bucks, No Whammies in Big Ten


              Rutgers to Get a Big Welcome to Big Ten Football

The decision made by Rutgers to enter the Big Ten conference was likely made due to the money they would accrue as a member. In 2013, each Big Ten school received over $24M dollars to add to their coffers. Also, the Top Tier of the Big Ten Network will be renegotiated in 2017 and has the makings to be a blockbuster deal for each school in the conference.

Now college football is upon us and the Scarlet Knights will get their first taste of Big Ten action when they entertain Penn State on September 13th. The crowds will be enormous and the fandom will be at an all-time high as their team takes the field. The Big Ten Network will be smiling with all the new television sets in New York and Maryland that have their dial on their programming.

Coach Kyle Flood has to be feeling the nerves from going 6-7 last season in the Big East and now getting to see the likes of Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn state, Wisconsin and Michigan. This is big-time football for Rutgers to rub elbows with.

One way to prepare for the stiff competition is to hire Ralph Friedgen as your offensive coordinator. The 67-year old came out of retirement to help guide the Scarlet Knights. Friedgen has had several jobs in the Big Ten and understand the scope of the schedule. QB Gary Nova will attempt to hang onto his job as he has sputtered at times in his career. In 28 games, he has thrown 39 interceptions but tossed 51 touchdowns and 6,407 yards.

The Big Ten schedule makers didn’t do Rutgers any favors when they welcomed them into the conference. Aside from being in the East Division, the tougher division that includes Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan and Michigan State, Rutgers’ two games against the West Division are against its top two teams, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

Welcome to Big Ten football, Rutgers.