Illinois Signs Bill Prohibiting Employers From Asking about Criminal History

    Illinois Signs Bill Prohibiting Employers to Ask about Criminal History

Are we Serious?


Bill number is HB5701

From the Illinois Review:

Gov. Pat Quinn will sign legislation prohibiting all private employers from asking prospective employees about their criminal history before they’ve determined the individual is qualified for the job.

The Job Opportunities for Qualified Applicants Act, otherwise known as the “ban the box” bill, was sponsored by Rep. Rita Mayfield and Sen. Antonio Munoz.

The legislation will make Illinois the fifth state to ban employers from requiring disclosure of a criminal history until an applicant is determined qualified for the position.

Munoz says everyone should have the opportunity to be considered for employment regardless of previous actions, including rape, murder, or armed robbery.

The government has allowed some construction jobs, emergency medical jobs and security jobs to be exempt from the legislation.


Criminal Background? Feel free to apply.

Child Molester? Come on in.

Convicted Felon? Please handle my money.

IT hacker? We have a job in computers for you.


This is nothing short of insanity.


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