The Play: With none out, none on, and a two-strike count, the batter attempts to strike a fastball, missing the pitch as it traveled through the strike zone. The catcher, too, misses his catch, as the ball bounces off his glove and into the air, where it strike’s the bat as the batter completes his natural backswing. As the deflected ball caroms toward the wall behind home plate, the batter-runner arrives at first base ahead of the catcher’s throw.

 Using professional rules, what is the call?


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The batter-runner should be out for runner INT under (new rule) 6.01(c), as he has clearly hindered the catcher’s attempt to field the ball after strike 3. The ball is dead, and the batter-runner is out.

Even if we rule this “weak” or “backswing INT” under pro rule 6.03(c) The ball will be dead immediately, and so the batter will be unable to advance on strike 3.

There’s no harm or foul intended on the BR’s part, so just kill the play, award a strike and return your runners. In this case, the BR had a X-2 count, so, he’d be out. Standard weak interference.