Now Starring as Robin Hood-  Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

      Now Starring as Robin Hood-  Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn today signed into law a measure to put a non-binding referendum on the fall ballot asking voters whether millionaires should be taxed at a higher rate.

I know we are looking for avenues to put money into the coffers of the State of Illinois. This proposal is expected to raise over $1 billion and it is promised to help education. That is great, fine and dandy.

Three thoughts that come to mind on this law. A non-binding referendum is diddly-squat. Michael Madigan wanted to propose this as a constitutional amendment but couldn’t muster the votes. There probably was a reason for that.

I have heard this mantra from several former governors that the money is going to education. The lottery certainly failed to find its way into that realm after it was promised.

There is a final thought. This referendum is expected to drive up the number of Democratic voters in the election which is likely to help Quinn, if that is a fact.

Source: Illinois Times


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