Looking at the Top Heisman Candidates

   Quarterbacks Lead the List for Heisman Trophy

In the history of the Heisman trophy there has been only one repeat champion and that was Archie Griffin back in the mid 70’s. Repeating is very difficult to do. With that being said what is the likelihood of Jameis Winston pulling it off?

There are some players that have a very good chance to become the 78th winner and walk away with the coveted Heisman Trophy. Here is a short list of them in no particular order.


QB Jameis Winston– FSU

The guy is a winner but the committee is going to expect more and more from him while the competition gets more difficult. Do they voters pay attention to off-field antics? Is so, Winston gets passed by this year.

QB  Marcus Mariota– Oregon

This was probably his last year had he not gotten injured and his team and his chances went downhill. This season he appears bigger and stronger and has shown the propensity to run the ball along with strong arm strength. If the Ducks win the Pac-12 without a loss, Mariota is in good shape to win this award.

QB Bryce Petty– Baylor

With Baylor being one of the two or three best teams in the Big 12, all eyes are on Petty to lead them to a conference title. If he can accomplish that feat, then he is on the short list to win the Heisman.

QB Nick Marshall– Auburn

The offensive numbers from Marshall will look staggering as he is likely to achieve over 30 touchdowns and 3500 yards of total offense. Now that he has a year under his belt, this QB is on the rise.

QB Brett Hundley-UCLA

Hundley is the key to success of the Bruins and will have some competition in his own conference. He is the total package and has to out play Mariota to win the Heisman.

RB Todd Gurley– Georgia

This is a talented runner and being in the SEC will give him ample exposure to the media. Since the Bulldogs have a new quarterback this season they will lean on Gurley even more than last season. Any numbers he amasses will look bright to the voters.

QB Keenan Reynolds-Navy

This will be his second season for the Midshipmen and he has turned into one of the best running quarterbacks to grace the collegiate football fields. Last year he passed for 1057 yards and accumulated 31 touchdowns but more impressive was his 1346 yards rushing. This season he will face some tough competition as Notre Dame and Ohio State are on the schedule.

QB Jacob Coker-Alabama

He is just becoming a starter but with a talented Crimson Tide team makes him a candidate for the Heisman award. Being surrounded with talented football players and all the media scrutiny will certainly lend him credence to pull this off.