There are many new baseball books for your reading pleasure that are coming out in 2018. Here is a list (likely not a complete one) of the books that come out (some are out) January 1 to June 30, 2018. I will be reviewing several of them after they come out at KnupSports.


Tom Gamboa: My Life in Baseball, by Tom Gamboa and David Russell

Beep: Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind, by David Wanczyk

2018 Baseball Forecaster: Encyclopedia of Fanalytics from Triumph, Ron Shandler

Baseball America 2018 Almanac
The Call to the Hall: When Baseball’s Highest Honor Came to 31 Legends of the Sport, by Kevin Warneke and David C. Ogden
Motor City Champs: Mickey Cochrane and the 1934-1935 Detroit Tigers, by Scott Ferkovich
Whitey Herzog Builds a Winner: The St. Louis Cardinals, 1979-1982, by Doug Feldmann
The Immaculate Inning: Unassisted Triple Plays, 40/40 Seasons, and the Stories Behind Baseball’s Rarest Feats, by Joe Cox
Swinging for the Fences: Black Baseball in Minnesota, by Steven R. Hoffbeck
Biz Mackey, a Giant behind the Plate: The Story of the Negro League Star and Hall of Fame Catcher, by Rich Westcott
Tom Yawkey: Patriarch of the Boston Red Sox, by Bill Nowlin
Game of My Life: New York Mets: Memorable Stories of Mets Baseball, by Michael Garry
Koufax Throws a Curve: The Los Angeles Dodgers at the End of an Era, 1964–1966, by Brian M. Endsley
Baseball Rowdies of the 19th Century: Brawlers, Drinkers, Pranksters and Cheats in the Early Days of the Major Leagues, by Eddie Mitchell
Baseball America 2018 Prospect Handbook
50 Greatest Players in Indians History, by Robert W. Cohen
Manager of Giants: The Tactics, Temper and True Record of John McGraw, by Lou Hernandez
Babe Ruth and the Creation of the Celebrity Athlete, by Thomas Barthel
Baseball Greatness: Top Players and Teams According to Wins Above Average, 1901-2016, by David Kaiser
New York Yankees Openers: An Opening Day History of Baseball’s Most Famous Team, 1903-2017, by Lyle Spatz
2018 Minor League Baseball Analyst, by Jeremy Deloney and Rob Gordon
Insight Pitch: My Life as a Major League Closer, by Skip Lockwood
Fall from Grace: The Truth and Tragedy of “Shoeless Joe” Jackson, by Tim Hornbaker
Baseball Italian Style: Great Stories Told by Italian American Major Leaguers from Crosetti to Piazza, by Lawrence Baldassaro
The Baby Bombers: An Inside Look at the Young Stars Forming the Next Yankees Dynasty, by Bryan Hoch
Try Not to Suck: The Exceptional, Extraordinary Baseball Life of Joe Maddon, by Bill Chastain and Jesse Rogers
Dick Bosman on Pitching: Lessons from the Life of a Major League Ballplayer and Pitching Coach, by Dick Bosman and Ted Leavengood
Why Baseball Matters, by Susan Jacoby
Gator: My Life in Pinstripes, by Ron Guidry
Ninety Percent Mental: An All-Star Player Turned Mental Skills Coach Reveals the Hidden Game of Baseball, by Bob Tewksbury and Scott Miller
Home of the Braves: The Battle for Baseball in Milwaukee, by Patrick Steele
Miracle in Shreveport: A Memoir of Baseball, Fatherhood, and the Stadium that Launched a Dream, by David Benham and Jason Benham
A Season in the Sun: The Rise of Mickey Mantle, by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith
Alou: My Baseball Journey, by Felipe Alou and Peter Kerasotis
The Pitcher and the Dictator: Satchel Paige’s Unlikely Season in the Dominican Republic, by Averell “Ace” Smith
The Shift: The Next Evolution in Baseball Thinking, by Russell A. Carleton
Gehrig and the Babe: The Friendship and the Feud, by Tony Castro
Singles and Smiles: How Artie Wilson Broke Baseball’s Color Barrier, by Gaylon H. White
Tinker to Evers to Chance: The Chicago Cubs and the Dawn of Modern America, by David Rapp
The Cloudbuster Nine: The Untold Story of Ted Williams and the Baseball Team Who Helped Win World War II, by Anne Keene
The Hometown Team: Forty Years of Boston Red Sox Photography, by Mike Shalin and Steve Babineau
Miracle Moments in New York Mets History: The Turning Points, The Memorable Games, The Incredible Records, by Brett Topel
The Dodgers: 60 Years in Los Angeles, by Michael Schiavone
Cuba Loves Baseball: A Photographic Journey, by Ira Block
A Game of Moments: Baseball Greats Remember Highlights of Their Careers, by Ron Gerrard
Pinstripe Nation: The New York Yankees in American Culture, by William Carlson Bishop
Baseball and the Occupation of Japan: America’s Pastime as a Tool to Promote Social Values, by Takeshi Tanikawa
Being Ted Williams: Growing Up with a Baseball Idol, by Dick Enberg
Once Upon a Team: The Epic Rise and Historic Fall of Baseball’s Wilmington Quicksteps, by John Springer
Hawk: Duck Snorts, Chip Shots, and My Free-Swinging Life On and Off the Field, by Ken “Hawk” Harrelson and Jeff Snook
Warren Spahn: A Biography of the Legendary Lefty, by Lew Freedman
The Comic Book Story of Baseball: The Heroes, Hustlers, and History-Making Swings (and Misses) of America’s National Pastime, by Alex Irvine, Tomm Coker, and C.P. Smith
Invisible Ball of Dreams: Literary Representations of Baseball behind the Color Line, by Emily Ruth Rutter 70
Davey Johnson: My Wild Ride in Baseball and Beyond, by Davey Johnson and Erik Sherman
I’m Keith Hernandez, by Keith Hernandez
Brothers in Arms: Koufax, Kershaw, and the Dodgers’ Extraordinary Pitching Tradition, by Jon Weisman
Breaking Babe Ruth: Baseball’s Campaign Against Its Biggest Star, by Edmund F. Wehrle
The Integration of the Pacific Coast League: Race and Baseball on the West Coast, by Amy Essington
The Presidents and the Pastime: The History of Baseball and the White House, by Curt Smith
The Age of Ruth and Landis: The Economics of Baseball during the Roaring Twenties, by David George Surdam and Michael J. Haupert
Bat Flips and Fat Lips: Pulling Back the Curtain On Baseball’s Unwritten Rules, by Gregg Zaun and Danny Knobler
Joy in Tiger Town: A Determined Team, a Resilient City, and our Magical Run to the 1968 World Series, by Mickey Lolich and Tom Gage
A Franchise on the Rise: The First Twenty Years of the New York Yankees, by Dom Amore
An October to Remember 1968: The Tigers-Cardinals World Series as Told by the Men Who Played in It, by Brendan Donley


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