Calling Boehner’s Presidential Lawsuit What it Really Is

Let’s Call John Boehner’s Presidential Lawsuit for What it Is?


There was a time, and not very long ago, the Republican Party was spouting about frivolous lawsuits but that in not happening today. In fact, they file them and brag about them. Hence, the lawsuit filed against the President of the United States.

John Boehner’s attempt to explain the most frivolous lawsuit ever, his plan to sue President Obama is possibly the most outrageous and frivolous of all. Considering that, by anyone’s account, this has been the most “do nothing” Congress ever. So now, having led the Congress to do nothing, the Speaker plans to sue the president for doing something — and to force taxpayers to pay for it.

There are two reasons that Boehner uses to defend his lawsuit. He had this to say, “In my view, the President has not faithfully executed the laws when it comes to a range of issues, including his health care law, energy regulations, foreign policy and education.” Did you catch the important words in that sentence? He said… “in my view.” Just because it is his view doesn’t make it true.

Secondly, He has not sighted one single example of the President failing to carry out the law. Maybe he didn’t realize that Obama was exercising his authority as commander in chief when he ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe he didn’t know the Supreme Court upheld the regulations on carbon emissions.

The fact of the matter is he can’t cite any specific example of failure to execute that law. He just can’t. Now this is classic and he has accused the President of signing too many executive orders. That is poppycock. He has signed 182 of them. Bush sign 291 by this time in his presidency. FDR totaled 3522 executive orders. The only reason Obama’s signed even one executive order is because the Republican-controlled House refuses to do its job.

So let’s recognize it for what it is. It is a cheap political stunt to mask the embarrassing lack of action on many items by the House. Items like minimum wage, extending unemployment insurance, renewing the Highway Trust Fund and other issues of pressing nature in our country

Instead of suing the president for doing his job as president, we’d all be better off if John Boehner would just do his job as Speaker.