Barnes Bunch


At a Glance


Thomas Barnes 1360-1440- 15th great-grandfather of Linda

John Bowsey Barnes 1416-1465

John Barnes 1448-1486

William Barnes 1486-1558

Richard Barnes-  Bishop of Nottingham 1532-1589

Richard Barnes 1549-1605

George Barnes 1591-1650

Thomas Barnes 1636-1679

John “Deacon” Barnes Sr 1666-1752

Jonathan Barnes 1703-1783

William Barnes 1753-1773

William Barnes 1773-1860

Nathan Parker Barnes 1801-1870

John Benton Barnes 1846-1922

Ida May Barnes 1870-1936

Edith Eugenia Whitaker 1900-1990

Paul Burton Meeker 1922-

Linda Lee Meeker 1952-


The earliest we can find is Thomas Barnes who was born in 1360 and died in 1440 but we have no other information on him except he had a son John 


John Bowsey Barnes was born 1416 Writtle, Chelmsford Borough, Essex, England and married Margaret Deol (1424-June 1, 1470) in 1442. They are the parents of Sir John Barnes, Baron; Sir William Barnes and Margaret Bowley. He died in 1465


When John Barnes was born in 1448 in Writtle, Essex, England and died in 1486 in his hometown. When born, his mother Lady Margaret, was 24 and his father was 32. He had one son (William) with Constance Pakenham (1464-1530) in 1480. 


William Barnes was born in 1486 in Essex, England. His father, John, was 38 and his mother, Constance, was 22. He married Dorothy Hansard (1496-1548) in Eastwood, Herefordshire, England. They had six children in 28 years. George Barnes 1504–1590, Alice Ales Barnes 1507–1557 Thomas Barnes I 1524–1574, Sir William Alderly 1532–1559 Richard 1532–1589, Geoffrey Edward Barnes

William died on February 24, 1558, in his hometown at the age of 72.


Richard Barnes was born in 1532 at All Hallows, Honey Lane, London, England. He married Jona Lee on February 3, 1547 in Kirkham, Lancashire, England. She died in 1549 after having son Richard Jr. 

He married Fredesmund Gifford in the 1560s and then was appointed as Bishop of Nottingham in 1567 and later, in 1570, was appointed Bishop of Carlisle. He died on August 24, 1587 at Honey Lane, London, England.


Richard Barnes (1549-1605) Born November 10, 1549 at Kirkham, Lancashire, England and died abt 1605 Manchester Cathedral, Lancashire, England

He was baptized in Lancashire: Kirkham – Parish Register on November 10, 1549 and married Elizabeth Battersby (1564-1604) on September 8, 1589 in  Manchester Cathedral, Lancashire, England. 

Their children included: George Thomas (1591-1650) Margery (1592-) 

Elizabeth (1593-) Richard (1600-1632) George (1604-1650)


George Barnes was born in 1591 in Manchester, Lancashire, England and died in 1650 at Bridekirk, Isle of Man, England. He married Jeneta Key on December 1,1629 in Bridekirk,Cumberland,England.

They had two children which were: Thomas Berance (1636-1679) and Anna (1641-)




Thomas Barence Barnes who was born on October 18, 1636 in Barking, Essex, England. He came to the United States in 1656 on the Speedwell ship. 

On July 21, 1662 he married Abigail Goodenow in Marlborough, MA.

They had the following children:

  1. Thomas Barnes, born on March 23, 1662 and he married Mary Howe in Marlborough on April 14, 1685
  2. Dorothy Barnes born on February 6. 1664
  3. John Barnes born in Marlborough on December 25, 1666
  4. William Barnes born on April 3,  1669
  5. Abigail Barnes, born on June 14, 1671
  6. Theophilus Barnes, born on February 10, 1673 died in February 1675
  7. Susanna Barnes- she married Supply Weeks in Marlborough on June 4, 1699 She died in Marlborough on January 15, 1711


He died on July 2, 1679 in Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA.

More on Thomas B. Barnes: 


Thomas Barnes came to America on the Speedwell, sailing from Gravesend about 20 May 1656 and landing in Boston, MA on 27 Jun 1656 in company with Shadrack Hapgood, John Fay, Nathaniel Goodnow and Thomas Goodnow, whose daughter Abigail he married.  He bought land (8 acres) from Johnathan Johnson in 1663. His house and goods were burned by Indians during the destruction of Marlborough, Massachusetts in 1676 in King Philip’s War. He temporarily moved to Concord, Massachusetts. This is where his youngest child Susanna was born.  Upon returning to Marlborough, he bought land in the old Indian Plantation, Ockoocangansett. Thomas was active in community affairs, as evidenced by his name on numerous petitions and public documents. He first bought land in the then newly formed town, Marlborough in 1662 and received additional land grants later.

He enlisted in the Pequot War in Capt. Mason’s Unit #1635 at Hartford, Hartford County, CT.


John “Deacon” Barnes was born on December 25, 1666 in Marlboro, Middlesex, Massachusetts and died on April 5, 1752 in his hometown. 

He married Hannah Howe in 1695 in Marlboro, MA and they had the following children:  Abigail (1695-1741) Dorothy (1698-1734) 

Daniel (1701-1775) Jonathan (1703-1783) 

Hannah (1712-1789) John (1716-)


Jonathan Barnes was born in Marlboro,Massachusettsand died there on November 26, 1703. He married Rachel Hosmer on January 21, 1735, in Massachusetts. They had nine children in 18 years. 

  1. Silas was born on January 21, 1735
  2. Elisha was born on October 28, 1736- died June 7, 1740
  3. Fortunatus was born on September 25, 1738
  4. Rachel was born on July 13, 1740
  5. Lucy was born on July 7, 1742
  6. Dorothy was born on December 18, 1747
  7. Jonathan was born on November 6, 1749
  8. David was born on September 2, 1751- died January 28, 1756
  9. William was born on March 21, 1753


William Barnes was born on March 21, 1753, in Marlborough, Massachusetts. His father, Jonathan, was 49 and his mother, Rachel, was 39. He married Sarah Merriam on March 22, 1773. In almost three months of marriage they conceived one child (William, Jr.)

William Sr. died as a young father on June 18, 1773, in his hometown.


William Barnes Jr. was born in November 1773 at Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He married Abigail Parker in 1795 and their son Nathan was born in 1801. Abigail died October 19, 1809.

William married Mary Kimball in 1839. He died January 11, 1860 in Hillsboro, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA


Nathaniel Parker Barnes was born in Hillsborough, NH on June 13, 1801 and died in Bunker Hill, Illinois on November 20, 1870. 

He married Sarah E “Sally” Evans on November 29, 1827. They had one child, John Benton Barnes,  during their marriage. Nathaniel died on November 20, 1870, in Bunker Hill, Illinois, at the age of 69.


John Benton Barnes was born on October 3, 1846, in Greenfield, New Hampshire. His father Nathan was 45 and his mother Sally was 40 at his birth. He was married three times and had one daughter. 

He married Pauline Amelia Goehring (1838–1917) on November 21, 1859 in Bunker Hill, Illinois and had no children. John married Matilda Lancaster in St Louis, Missouri, on April 15, 1869.

Then he married 19 year-old Mary Lucetta Smith in 1870 and they had one daughter, Ida May Barnes, on March 30, 1870. JB Barnes died on March 23, 1922, in Forest City, Illinois, at the age of 75, and was buried there.


Ida May Barnes was born on March 30, 1870, in Forest City, Illinois, her father, John, was 23, and her mother, Mary, was 18. She married James Buchanan Whitaker on January 1, 1893, in Mason County, Illinois. They had four children: John Floyd, Nelda E.,Edith Eugenia, James Leslie

Ida Mary (Barnes) Whitaker died on October 2, 1936, in Forest City, Illinois at the age of 66.


Edith Eugenia Meeker (1900-1990) married Sam Meeker (can be found in Meeker Family article) They had four sons: Paul, Clyde, Loren, Lyle


Paul Meeker (born 1922) married Donna Callaway (see Callaway article) and they had seven children: Linda, Jan, Carl, Ruth, Ross, Roger, Cari


This bring us to the current present day Linda (Meeker) Knuppel- She married Thomas Lee Knuppel on October 6, 1973.

Their children: Ryan, Rodney, Rhett, Randy