Ok, I am not moving to a warm climate, although I have always had the desire. With that out of the way, I recently began to look into why it is good to re-locate to a warmer climate since my oldest son has done just that.


Benefits of Moving to a Warmer Climate

To begin with, moving to a warmer weather is good for your health. Whether you love more the snow or the beach, it is proven that warmer weather affects well the body.

Your body loves the sun! Sunshine causes the production of Vitamin D in your body, which, in its turn, makes you healthier and makes you feel more energetic. Not to mention that Vitamin D is good for your bones and can prevent cancer, it is also beneficial for your blood pressure, it stabilizes the heart, the immune system and activates the metabolism. This is a great news for those who love summer and being exposed to the sun’s rays. Even exposure to the sun for only 15 minutes is enough for your body to begin to synthesize Vitamin D! There are lots of other benefits of Vitamin D but here to name just a few to give you an idea. Your body will generally feel better in a warmer climate, because cold air affects the lungs. So, if you live in an area that is cold most of the year, you should consider relocating to one of the warm weather states in the United States or at least regularly going on a holiday somewhere sunny.

Benefits of warmer states

The warm weather has many benefits – one of them is you can enjoy the beautiful sun!
The sun is a natural stress-healer. When the sun rays reach the eyes, the brain begins to produce more serotonin, one of the hormones of happiness, which makes you feel better and improves your mood. The level of the hormone melatonin decreases when you’re exposed to the sun because this is the hormone, which makes us sleepy. The stress hormone also decreases in summer because of the sun. The sunlight that passes through the eyes helps connect and control many of the physiological and psychological functions in the human body, like for example it influences the self-esteem directly. In winter, people tend to be more depressed and melancholic because of the lack of sufficient sunshine. People in cold ares live less according to statistics, suicides are more and death rate in general is higher. Also, after living in a warmer climate, the so called “insulating” fat disappears and people tend to be slimmer.
You will like to be outdoors more. When it is warm and sunny, you will surely feel more like going out, exercising, taking walks, even jogging, rather than when it is snowy, rainy, foggy and cold, when people usually prefer to stay at home more than they feel like going out. And generally there are more things you could do outside when it’s nice and warm rather than inside. And, as we just said, going out in the sun has many prerogatives.

So, what would you rather do in your spare time? Spend it in front of the TV while the blizzard is whizzing outside or pull the curtains, let the sunshine in and go out for a drink with a friend? We shouldn’t also forget that in a warmer climate the heating bills are considerably lower than in cold states.

Summer activities

There are so much more things to do in the summer than when it’s cold outside!
Less things to move and less worries. When moving to a warmer weather, you don’t need to bring your winter boots with thick lining inside to keep your feet warm and an overcoat – generally, there will no longer be the need for many layers of thick clothes with which you can hardly walk. You can forget about blizzards, snow, and ice, throwing sand and salt on the road to make your car go, scraping ice from the car, getting out for work an hour or half an hour earlier to dig your car out of the snow, which means less night sleep as well. In summer weather there is no need to get shovels to clean the snow, no slush on your shoes to bring into the house in spring/ autumn when the snow is melting and life seems so much easier now, doesn’t it?


Warmer climates offer also more seasonal work which is good if you are a student or recently graduated. There are lots of cities and areas with theme parks, restaurants, hotels, golf clubs, etc. that open up only in summer for tourist. You will be able to live closer to the place you are working and enjoy the benefits of summer at the same time!

It is beautiful, isn’t it! The clear blue sky during the day, the clouds that occasionally overshadow the sun can be so pretty. Not to mention sunrises and sunsets that are so beautiful to watch. Winter can hardly provide so pretty sunrises and sunsets which are anyway often hidden by snow, rain, fog, clouds, etc.